Monday, November 1, 2010

The Halloween Costumes in my life

I was thinking about how I'm basically have to do a post on Halloween (I almost titled this Obligatory Halloween Post), and I decided to highlight some of the creative/cute/funny things my loved ones did for their costumes.

I will start with the cutest, mis sobrinitos.  Here are the cutest little monsters you ever did see:

Adri did a great job.  I think I will be oggling this picture for the entire next year.  But tell the babies to stop growing!  Or at least to slow down a bit.

My little brothers always do a good job of making home-made costumes that are funny and a little bit off-color.  Hopefully you will appreciate this one too:

Sooooo weird.  

Speaking of home-made costumes, here is one of my absolute BEST friends in a lovely homemade costume:

Yes, that is my dear Kristin dressed as a pomegranate.  Only a FREAK dresses up as a round fruit for Halloween.  I love that freak.

And speaking of Kristin, today she is 20 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!  Her childhood is officially over.  Although don't take that to mean she's an adult, either.  I love you K-Trone.  I hope you have a wonderful day and know that my world (and the entire world in general)  would be a sad, sad place without you in it.  Someday when you're married to a cowboy, I will come visit you and eat your delicious food and we can reminisce over these wonderful starving college student days.