Friday, December 31, 2010

Something Witty About New Years

Big Events for me in 2010:
  • I didn't live in my parents house for 88% of the year (yeah I did the math.)
  • I was converted to babies
  • I lived in Provo for a summer (I feel like every Mormon who is college-aged has to do this.)
  • I got in my first car accident
  • I became sure of my major. (ECON!!)
  • I learned what it's like to live with someone you are not related to and really enjoy it. (PODO!)
  • I drove more miles than I ever have before.  And most of them alone.  
Hopefully, 2011 will bring:
  • A version of me that actually exercises
  • A job that actually relates to my career interests (once I figure those out)
  • Me preparing to go on a mission?
  • Steady Finances (goal: spend as little as possible except on gifts for others)
  • Happiness.  and Sadness.  and New Experiences.  and Growth. Barrels of it.  

This year is brand sparkling new.  Don't return it the same way.  

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Previously on Gigi's Blog....

Gigi returned to blogging after a long break, and began to list things that had made her happy.  Stay tuned to see what more she can add to the list.

Lately, or not so lately as the case may be, I have enjoyed:

  • The Thanksgiving Decorations that were up in my house.  Including this leaf that is taped to the fridge.  Although it has since been removed due to a competition between my brother and our creatively named cat, Mr. Catface.  

  • The fun my little brothers had with a label maker
Every reference to this phrase makes me giggle.  And then want to dance.

Wouldn't believe where I found this guy....

Gigi's Blog will be back after a quick word from our sponsor*:

.........Aaaaaaaaand we're back.  

  • Avoiding studying for finals next week through use of this blog. 
  • Pretending like it's not cold even when it's in the 40's.  I'm such a SoCal girl that I don't know what to wear if it's not sunny.  This is what I was like when I went to New York In February of 2009:
I basically laugh in the face of danger.  
  • This: The real reason I became an econ major is that we get to talk about skinning cats all the time.  Which will probably make all the cat-lovers who read this blog cringe.  But you know what they say, there's more than one way to skin a cat!

*This blog has no official affiliation with Stanford University.  Stanford does in no way sponsor this blog, although you could say that they sponsor me as a person, so by the transitive property of sponsorship, Stanford kind of sponsors this blog.  

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sometimes Inspiration Hits

And you just can't stop it.

Like when you're done with finals and your brain is like AHHHHfdaghi8ehsf!!!!!!1

Monday, December 6, 2010

The cheesiness never ends

I realize that I'm risking harm by an angry mob by not continuing the list of things I like, but my little brother has yet to send me some pictures of those very things. So if you get the chance, berate Lucas for me.

So in the interim, enjoy this guy.  He came with the wallet thing that I currently use, and I want to use him every time I go to pay for something.

I'm sorry, do you take ... credit card?