Friday, June 24, 2011


In case you haven't noticed (and I totally don't mind if you haven't), I haven't blogged in a few weeks.  Which is pretty uncharacteristic for me.  I try to get in a few a week.

It's been weird.  I moved home and I didn't freak out on the drive home.  And I've spent my days since I got home being laaaaazy and sitting around on my butt and wishing one of the billion places I applied at would want to hire me.

Oh and also I've been working out like a fiend.
Seriously, a lot of work out DVDs and gym classes have been going on since I got home.  Hopefully this will be a healthy summer for me (except that I have a cold right now).

This post is none of the things that I want it to be.  Which seems to be a recurring problem for me and part of the reason that I can't seem to get back on this blogging bandwagon.

I put a lot of myself onto this silly little blog.  I'm working on a letter to the room I lived in for the last about 9 months, and it is weird because there are so many things that I can't get them all right.

But I've been home for officially over two weeks and I think it's time for my laziness to be over.  Which is terribly easier to say than to do because I have no routine and so I end up just watching a billion television.  And now that it's a real television in a real house, it's not like I can just block TV from my computer.  I have to have real self-control.  What the heck is that?

The shortness of these paragraphs attests to my ADD and the fact that I don't really remember how to write a good blog post.  (Have I ever written a good blog post - maybe like 4 times max).

I don't know.  I may or may not currently be in a mood that I can't seem to sleep my way out of and I may or may not be using blogging as a way to get out of said mood.  But the point is, I had big plans for this summer and I'm not going to let myself sit here and waste my life away in probably the last time I will ever get a  "summer vacation" (in the way that I know it) in my life (unless I grow up to teach) (why would I say that?  do I want to grow up to teach?).

So, about 83,451,465,739 tangents later I'm going to go ahead and call this blog post a day and try and move on with my whiny pathetic life.  I mean my awesome, adventurous life.  Or something.

Ya digg?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Awesome (sarcasm):

  • The smell of pot in my dorm as I finish a take-home final at one in the morning.
  • The sound of alcohol in my dorm at the same time
  • Black Betty (my computer) deciding she doesn't want to turn on the day before a 12 page paper is due.
  • Not having a job this summer and not knowing where I'm going to live this summer
  • packing
Awesome (actually):
  • I've been wearing this outfit for wayyyy too long:
  • I now have 15 twitter followers, one of whom may or may not be Andrew Luck (no really, I'm not sure if it's him or someone pretending to be him)
  • I have incredible friends:
  • Betty coming back to life just in time
  • The amount of Dr. Pepper I have consumed in the last week.
  • Sheer laziness in pretending like I have nothing in the whole world to do.  (even though a little bit I do)

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Few Odds and Ends

I'm supposed to be finishing packing my room, which for me simply means throwing all of the random schtuffs in my room into plastic bins and then eventually into the back of my car.  While listening to a billion musics.

Also, this guy:

One of my favorite parts about blogging is that I'll be going across my day as regular and then something will hit me and I will just know that I want to blog about it.  The reason why that is awesome is because I start looking for things that are cool and funny and then when little things happen, I'm in a good mood planning the post.  

This guy hit me.  He is like my childhood.  From the Saved by the Bell vibe going on to the faint memory of childhood pizza parties, I just really wanted to post a picture of him.  I can't even quite describe it, but the cup made me happy.  

Another random little tidbit:

The other day I was walking across campus in the morning and there was hardly anyone around because there weren't classes that day so who in their right mind would walk around in the morning?  Plus it felt earlier because of the doom and gloom that is the weather we're having up here. 
That whole paragraph is not related to the story hardly.  

Anyways, I'm walking along and then suddenly I drop my cell phone, and I'm upset so I say, "Oh Fiddlesticks!"  and this man who is like the only other person awake in the Stanford morning is about ten feet away from me and he just stops and is looking down and laughing at my reaction. But not aloud.  Just kind of thinking about how absurd my reaction was.

I felt like I brought something unexpected to his day, but also, I don't know this man, so how can I say if he was laughing at my quirk or just at me?  I guess I should just give him the B.O.D.

And lastly:

A woman with full hands asked me to help her open a door that I was sitting sort of close to the other day.  Except that you needed an ID card to open the door and mine didn't work for that dorm.  And hers was in her back pocket of her jeans.  I said I would carry all her stuff for her, but instead she just asked me to get it out of her jeans.  
I think I was hit on. But she wasn't even college-student aged.  She appeared to be in her late 20s or early 30s.  
It was just weird.  

Well, I started with and odd and ended with an end so....
(to go with the cheese, of course)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dear Teeth,

Oh my gosh teeth.  Seriously do you hate me?  Someone the other day gave me a compliment on you. It was random, but cool because I think you are great.

But like most things that I love, I fear I will lose you.  So much so that I have dreams of all of you just crumbling away.  It's like you all decide to go on strike against me.

So when you do things like chip three times on the same tooth within three months when I have only been drinking water and not giving you a reason to fall apart, I start to be super afraid that my dreams are coming true.  In the bad way.

So this is me, urging you to stop chipping, and to start being nice to me.  I spend a lot of time taking care of you.  Just think of what we could do together:

Yes, we could rule the world together.  RULE IT!

I love you.  Stay flossy.  So much pun-i-ness.



Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My half of the State

I went home for Memorial Day Weekend.  Fun was had.  I always want to say that California is two different states but that's just because where I'm from and where I go to school are two very different, very far away places.  Anyways, I had a billion fun.  Good things.  Good good things.

THE BEACH.  I've been looking forward to going to the beach for what seems like a billion years.  To me, the beach is summer and carefree and sunburn and almost everything that I love about Southern California.  And I have kind of been converted to Zuma beach (yes, Camille, you can do a little victory dance right now). It's so clean and not very crowded and there's always the fun chance that you will see celebrities while there.  Anyways, as desired, I got lobsterfied.  Proof:

I don't mean to be inappropriate, I just mean to show off my tan lines and the general pink color of my skin.  It was way worse on Saturday, I promise.  We also ran into a little ... erm ... trouble getting home, but that's not really a story I wan to tell because it is neither entertaining nor something I want to brag about.  Unless you like laughing in the face of the entire Gamboa family.
Also, this picture is meant to show off my cool shirt, which is actually Luc's shirt that got packed with my clothes because we both have the super organizational skills of throwing our clothes on the floor after wearing them and I was exiled to Luc's room while I was home.  But the point is, I love wearing men's clothes.  I hope my future husband is ok with that because I definitely plan on wearing his clothes.  They are sooooo comfortable.

Anyways, I also spent the weekend GETTING FOOD.  We're talking Indian food, Mediterranean food, arroz con leche, zucchini bread, chocolate chip cookies, basically an average weekend at my house.
But then my Mom and I went to an aerobics class to try and undo a little of the damage, and let me tell you, I am still feeling it.  I never knew I had so many muscles in my lower back that could be sore. It's really cramping my style (so much pun intended that it's actually only funny to make fun of me for telling that joke).

Also featured were the traditional Disney movie Sunday.  And when it's traditional, it means that I fall asleep 20-25 minutes into the movie.  In my defense, Shia LaBeouf was not exciting before Transformers.  Although holes was pretty good. Or at least the first 20 minutes were.  Haha

Come a looong way, haven't we Shia?

Then, because it was a patriotic holiday, my family celebrated as we always do: with a Mexican BBQ.  Which usually means tripas, but this time only meant carne asada.  And grilled papas (potatoes), and guacamole.  I love guacamole.  It should be a condiment like ketchup: served EVERYWHERE.
I love my family's little tradition.  Mostly because I love Mexican food.

In other glorious news, I no longer live alone.  Hopefully, my livin solo days are done forever. If this were a video game, I would get points added to my mood.  That analogy sucks, but seriously, living with people is awesome.
This is exactly how I celebrate.  It is even more awesome than this picture.  I know, hard to believe.