Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I am feeling sick and sad that I haven't blogged in an eternity.  But happy that I was featured on one of my favorite blogs!

You heard right, my Christmas tree was posted about on NatTheFatRat's blog here!

Seriously, check it out! :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Fool Friday: Dead Week

2AM creativity
Is great for blogging (well that's probably subjective and remains to be seen) and very bad for writing papers.  Especially when you start getting creative with grammar rules.

But it turns out to be actually great for doing Econ homework.  Think outside the box?  Check.

Sometimes when you've been sitting in the same cubicle in the library for about 5 hours, you stand up and your legs are shaking from the caffeine you have consumed and the fact that they haven't been moved in quite a while and you just want to collapse in a pile on the floor and simultaneously run a mile so that your legs don't shrivel up and die and you think "Pictures will make this moment better.....  I think."

So you take a crack at it.

And then you decide that this picture is way too hideous and crazy to share with the internets and you decide why cover up your best feature.  Which is most obviously your hair.  

But after 5 hours of bun-ness, you have crazy hair, which, at the moment, you rather like.  And you are rather proud of the fact that you have a thumbs up and at the same time a face that conveys, "help me, I've been trapped in the library for way too long in this weird type of self-imprisonment"  and also you realize that you wear this sweatshirt every time you go to the library late at night, but that is probably because you don't care what you look like when you go to the library for the intention of staying there for more than two hours.

Also, I have now been at the library as it closed (1 AM) which makes me feel really good about myself and also is probably something you have to do in college.  And since I have yet to pull an all-nighter and I never intend to, I will now attempt to sleep for the rest of my life. Or until 830 AM because I have to turn this homework assignment in before 9.

Happy Dead Week Everyone!  Except I still have classes and homework so it's not really dead.  So happy week before finals (IMPOSSIBLE).

And to all a good night.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Friday Night

Sometimes my life is just too cool not to share with the internets.  Like on Friday night when I

changed into pajamas
edited a paper for an hour
watched two episodes of Daria
considered editing a paper some more
got hungry
considered making some food
went to jack in the crack
ate a 99 cent chicken sandwich
ate an oreo shake
thought some more about editing that paper
decided I needed to update my ipod
acquired some music
danced around my apartment for half an hour
wished it was Christmas
spent 10 minutes editing that paper
decided I was done being productive for the evening
watched more episodes of Daria.(I'm afraid to admit to the number)

I mean, what a night, right?  Such is the life.  I take relaxation where I can get it in the final throes of the quarter.
(remember the show Daria from mtv? turns out it's still good)

I mean, if there is one thing that I don't shy away from on my bloggy-blog, it is making myself sound like a fictional character who could not really exist because real people have to not be as weird and incoherent and obsessed with dancing in the mirror as I am.  But that's what I love about you, blog-world of blog-readers that I sometimes pretend are imaginary people who laugh out loud and sometimes give standing ovations to my words, you don't judge me and you listen to me ramble.

Oh if I have a talent, it is the ability to raaaaamble.  Go on and on and on about things that aren't of much import at all.  I mean, why say something with just the facts in a concise way, when you could be saying something with all the opinions in a way that is a billion years longer (again, give or take one billion years)?

Did I ever tell you about the word I meant to invent?  I don't have a name for it, but the word means when something is an example of itself.  Like the paragraph that begins "Oh if I have a talent, it is the ability to raaaaaaamble."  That paragraph is an example of itself.

Dudes, it is good to be silly every once in a while.  Silly like you are dancing in a car by yourself.  Silly like people in commercials about snack foods or car insurance.  Silly like Draco Malfoy.  That kind of silly.  It's good for the soul, you know.  It's like eating a fresh baked cookie, but for your emotions.

This post needs to end before things get worse (as if that were possible).

And because I believe every post deserves a picture:
A gratuitous photo of me dancing in pajamas at approximately 11:43 PM on Friday night.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Of Late

I love sharing the little tidbits that color my life on this blog.  

Por ejemplo:

I had an elaborate dream that was largely in Spanish the other night.  It made me happy that my knowledge of this language has spread to my subconscious.  I love the Spanish language and I love my heritage.  

Because my sink took a billion years (give or take one billion years so that the actual time frame is only six weeks) to arrive at my house, the owners of the Artichoke Cabana decided to switch property management companies and I had to drive down to deliver rent for the month of December.  It was in an area I'd never visited before and I had to parallel park!  Parallel park! 

I managed to do it without freaking out, hitting another car, or hitting the curb.  And then I took a picture that minimized the fact that my car was pretty crooked.  But then I told you that my car was pretty crooked which sort of cancels that out.  But it's the little victories that you take from life, you know?

My little brothers are growing up to be such studs!

Marcus is so funny.  And the cool thing about him is that he doesn't quite realize how cool he is.  

Luc is 15, and that is a can of worms in and of itself.  But he's growing up to be pretty cool too. I love these guys, but mostly they just get annoyed at how much I talk to them in baby voices and try to kiss them on the cheek.  

I don't know what this is or how this picture was taken, but I can't stop looking at it.  It's like seriously hypnotizing me, and I don't understand why.  

The following songs have made me tear up in the last week.  Because it's one of those weeks where a picture of a baby can set me off.  I'm blaming Christmas.  They are MoTab, Christmas, No Doubt, and Joni Mitchell Covers.  

I went to Walmart yesterday and when I came out a car twin had parked next to me:
Lolita was happy about it.  And also my car was the cleaner of the two.  Which gives me an adult point?  Maybe?

Happy Friday, everyone!  Wish me luck in the last two weeks of school for this quarter.