Monday, August 27, 2012

I have...

... a skype interview in approximately one hour.

You would hire me, right?

Friday, August 24, 2012

All-Write: A Gamboa Post

I made a mixed CD.  And I gave it the title "Mostly Upbeat/White People:  A MIXED CD, YO!"
And I was looking at my handwriting, and I thought that the way that I wrote the word "White" looked like the way my mom would write the word "White"

Is that a weird thing to think?  Probably.  But my mom has great writing.  Like, 1st grade teacher handwriting.  Except she does her a's with the extra thing at the top instead of plain and simple.  But somehow her handwriting is upbeat and clear and smiling at you.

I asked my Mom for a writing sample and she wrote a letter about what I am like.  It was cheesy and cute, and this is the edited version.  

Which got me to thinking about the handwriting styles in my family, and how they are so a representation of each of the people.  Por ejemplo:

Adri's handwriting stares back at you through cat-eyes, flirting with you and making you wish you were as stylish as her handwriting.  Adri's writing is the most feminine I think. 

Camille's handwriting is more practical than Adri or my Mom, but it's still got its own swagger.  It's so fitting that Camille sent me a to-do list because she is continuously making them.  In fact, just thinking about her handwriting makes me think of the erasable pen-system that she had all throughout high school for taking notes.  I also like the use of exclamation points to denote importance. 

I can't even look at my handwriting without seeing everyone else's.  Also, I have HANDS DOWN the sloppiest writing of the girls, and when I take the time to write really neatly, it comes out looking like my mom's writing.  I guess that says something about who taught me to write.

I was going to do the boys in my family too, but those ended up being too difficult to get a hold of.  But, well, there you go.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

You're a Winner!

The Winning Number were numbers 5 and 2!!!! .... Which means......

LENA - You win the first giveaway!  Boy howdy!

AMANDA- You win the second one!  All that keeping track of my pageviews paid off.

Email your address to me at along with your choices in the things with options, and I will get right on that.  Although I will admit that I am moving in the near future and so it probably won't get sent out until after Labor Day.

And now let's have another picture:

Friday, August 17, 2012

Adventures in Chavez

Sometimes when I actually work at home instead of going to school to do work, I get really weird about the fact that I haven't left my house all day.  I would do really bad in solitary confinement.  However, I think Adri would do worse.  Just sayin'.

(Also, but not really related, this is a hashtag free zone.  Because there are fewer and fewer of those left on the internets.)

OK, but anyways.  I was feeling extra adventurous because I have done so very little exciting things this week.  And I went to Chavez.  AKA the Mexican grocery store that you have to drive pretty much extra far to get to, but that is probably a good thing because they have a PANADERIA SECTION.

I grew up on pan dulce.  Pan dulce is like my dad playing basketball with a bunch of his friends on Saturday mornings in the gym of our church and then on the way home there is what seems like an endless supply of fresh, warm, sweet pan dulce.  They had pan shaped like pigs and the pumpkin-filled empanadas that I never see anywhere and the classic kind.

FOR THOSE OF YOU NOT IN THE KNOW: Pan Dulce is literally spanish for sweet bread.  So a panaderia is like a Mexican bakery.

I bought two for myself (my roommate is gluten-free, possibly for the rest of her life, so I couldn't buy a lot because I would eat literally all of them.), but I quickly gobbled the first one up, and only before eating the second one did I think I should take a picture.  It is natural to want to document everything ever, right?  Especially food?

Oh, it reminds you of a turtle?  That's alright, it reminds almost everyone of a turtle.  

That was my breakfast yesterday morning. Better than wheaties, that's for sure.  The real point of this story was to say I bought 60 eggs.  No, that wasn't it!  That was just something that happened that I just told you about for no reason.  (I will be that lady who buys in bulk, probably forever.)

THE REAL point of this story is that all of the people spoke to me in Spanish!  Like I was one of them.  I mean, I halfway am, but all my life I was told that I look white.  And now I am refusing to believe them!  It was like, "Are you finding everything alright?" EXCEPT IN SPANISH.  (sidenote: I get asked this question 9/10 times that I go to the grocery store because I stand staring at everything I buy for like ten seconds before I put it in my basket like I am trying to see into its soul.  I mean, you should really try to get to know they things that you eat, no?) And then when I checked out, the guy was like "hola" and from there the whole conversation was in Spanish and I just about died from Mexican-ness.

Oh, what has my life come to?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

10,000 Say What?

Big News.

BIG GIVEAWAY.  I don't think you're ready for this jelly.  No, but seriously, I don't think you are.  After much contemplation, I have decided to break this sucker up into two different giveaways.  Double the trouble, double the fun!  Just like that old comercial for wrigley's gum!  With the twins!

The first Giveaway Will Feature:

  • A MIXED CD in your choice of dancing music, chilling music, or music that makes you feel cool!
  • Gamboa COOKIES (they are chocolate chip in nature)!
  • an autographed picture of me!
  • a $10 GIFT certificate to target!
And the Second Giveaway Will Feature
  • a $25 GIFT certificate to your choice of Best Buy, Etsy, or Target!
  • The Incredibles STICKERS!
  • an autographed picture of me!
  • And a DRAWING of you made by me!!! (I can't draw)!

To enter
Comment on this post saying what your favorite post in the history of this blog is
That's it!  You are this close to winning something awesome!  What are you going to do about it?

I thought this day would never come, but HERE WE ARE.

Have a picture of Hugh Jackman to celebrate:

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder.  I think that's true in this case.  In the very depths of my soul, I missed Lolita.  It's a funny thing, things you take for granted.  When they're gone they rock your world, but when they're there you just don't realize how good you have it.

This girl:

To this girl I would say, don't do that to me ever again.  I know we all get a little tired sometimes, but there are better ways of getting a break.  In the mean time, I promise to take better care of you. Starting with a car wash.  

What's that?  Did-did you say something? Did I hear you say - you wanted pictures?  I mean, okay, I guess. I could get behind that.  

Now let's all pretend that never happened.  ;)