Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Melt my Heart

I had the opposite of that moment I talked about the other day.  where everything felt right.  Instead, everything felt wrong.  I was walking through downtown Palo Alto which is a bizarre place.  It just seems to want so badly to not be  Palo Alto, but it is.  As a drunken man stumbled past me, I felt the seed of anxiety get planted somewhere deep in the pit of my stomach.  The opposite of awesome for me is anxious.  It is the worst emotion I can think of.
Anyways, I was almost back to my car, when a homeless man and I made eye contact.  Do you ever step on a grape when you're barefoot and halfway through you realize what you're doing, but at this point you can't help it and your doomed to have a smushed grape on your floor/foot?  Or you're driving sort of absent-mindedly and you realize the light is yellow, but you don't want to slam on your breaks so you go through, but as soon as your car has passed that threshold of the crosswalk line the light turns red and before you know it, you've broken the law?  As I made eye contact with this man, I realized I had somehow done wrong.  He looked into my eyes and he hated me.  I could have anticipated the words if I hadn't been hoping they wouldn't be said, but they came out of his mouth anyways, a loud, "F**k you."

1.  I think I look like a white trash Mom in this pic.  2.  This pic gets somewhat relevant, I promise. 

I spent Friday night babysitting, which is like paying me to eat cookies.  Literally, I was being paid to eat their food.  And watch their 3 1/2 year old little girl.  I'm not always the best with little girls, but in general little boys love me.  I just have more practice with them, I suppose. 
But we bonded, mostly over our knowledge of Disney princesses (girl was showing me up - she could differentiate between Flora Fauna and Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty) and our mutual enjoyment of dancing in the middle of living rooms to Vampire Weekend songs. 
An hour into it, she kept accidentally calling me Mama.  Which I suppose, meant she identified with me, liked my company, and saw me as an authority figure.  Two hours into it, she stopped playing, stared at me, and said, "I'm so glad to spend time with you."  It was very cute, and as one who does not spend much time in affectionate environments, it was sort of a surprise.  About three hours after she had met me, this little girl stopped again to tell me she loved me.  I hesitated for about half a second before I told her I loved her too. 

I am, in general, very stingy with giving my emotions out to others.  It takes me more than three hours to love someone, and much longer than that to tell them about it.  Negative emotions, which I am probably (wrongly) more liberal with, still take me a bit of time to develop.  I have never hated someone with one glance, which is probably a good thing, but I still think there's something to letting yourself feel.  I recently told me roommate that I had never cried over a boy.  She thought that was really weird.  Which I suppose it is.  I am more ready to give away my kisses than I am to give away my feelings
But in the moment, I realized that I love that little girl.  which says a lot to me about the ability of children to open hearts. 

I think I made all my points.  Gosh, I wish I were better at tying bows at the end of my posts, but I'm just going to leave you with that. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Long Overdue

It's been a while, my friends.

And back, by popular demand(not), is a post where all the little strings of my thread in my brain come together - not to become some sort of fabric or item of clothing, but a giant ball of knots that only Maniac Magee himself could untangle (side note:  that book is still awesome, and you should reread it as an adult, unless you are a child in which case, i wasn't aware children read my blog.  actually I wasn't aware much of anyone read my blog.  except wonderful people.  if you are still reading at this point, i can say with 100% surety that you are a wonderful person).

Yesterday I walked home around 1:00 pm and just about everything about the walk wanted to be blogged.  But they were all different things.

There was the way that when you tilt your face towards the sun and there is a gentle breeze and life seems perfect that you can let the world be perfect in that moment.  There are a lot of moments like that in life, where you just feel good and everything feels right.  They are the tender mercies that I've heard about.

Also, right after that happened, this guy gave me this look like what the crack in the jack are you wearing slash I think you might be from outer space slash your hair looks nice.  1-2 of those things might not have been communicated in his look.  Then I realized that most of the time, I am a spectacle.  Coral pants and shirt that can only be described as ugly, but in a cool way and sunglasses.  then I realized that what is a spectacle without spectators.  And I gained new-found respect for you, my dear blogger-dom. 

I was thinking about the spectacle/spectator relationship as I found an empty classroom last night and danced in it with complete fear that someone would walk in on me for about half an hour.  Then I doodled on the chalkboard for another half hour.  It was largely productive and largely unproductive simultaneously.  I took a picture before I erased it all:

Betsy the elephant is probably the best friend I've had for the longest in my life.  We're going on like 8 years of best-friendship now.  That's pretty significant.  And sad.

Also, yesterday I dropped a class. My photography class.  Because going to that class feels a little bit like standing naked in front of the person you like's parents/the casting agent for skinny-model-agency/Adam Levine.  (Sorry, I was just watching the voice.)  Which is to say that just because I have no talent or experience in photography doesn't mean that you should completely disregard all of my work and make me feel like a waste of time.  It's not actually that bad, but it isn't exactly the supportive environment I had hoped for.

You know what they say about how to get to Carnegie Hall though?  Practice.  By which I mean, I am not giving up on photography, I am just giving up on that class.  But also, I mean, I have already sung in Carnegie Hall in my life.  This is not a joke, that actually happened.  This is a picture of me right around the time of that performance:

This photo could have been taken anywhere, but will you believe me when I say it was backstage in Carnegie Hall? Also, at least one of those girls looks really pretty.  And usually I ask permission before I post photos of my friends on my blog, because it's on the internet, but this picture is already on the internet, so I didn't ask.  Sorry Britt!  Love you!

This is now nearing that point where I've said most of the things that I can remember that I wanted to say and now there is not much more of a point to writing.  That's kind of the definition of my blog though.  

Yeah, man.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dancing in the Moonlight

Well actually, sunlight.

One of my favorite pastimes, if I am in the mood for it, is to celebrate coming home with dance.  The people who live in my house are mostly gone during the day, and this quarter I find myself coming home really early - like 130.

And when it happens, I like to open all the blinds and put in my headphones and dance around the place in as weird a manner as I possibly can.  It does wonders for my outlook on the world.

In no particular order, the songs which best foster weird dancing.  Like you don't even know how weird I'm talking.

Tokyo by Imagine Dragons.  My dancing is weirder, I promise.

New In Town by Little Boots.  Warning, this video is weird and full of city gritty-ness.  If you watch it, you'll understand.

Rill Rill by Sleigh Bells - Seriously, I just wonder what your boyfriend thinks about your braces.

Tongue Tied by Grouplove I'm realizing that all of these music videos are weird because these are weird songs.  All the better to dance to, my dear.

All I Need by AWOLNATION.  This is not an official music video because such a video does not exist, but it's pretty good.

And there you have it folks, dance the afternoon away.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Want a Perfect Body

And I want a perfect soul.

If you really love something, then you treat well, I think.  I've heard that somewhere at least.  It sounds true enough to me, anyways.  Let's for a moment, except this as truth.
I've been thinking about how I treat my body.  Not very well.  I must not love it.  I think I should love it.  It's a gift.  It allows me to do anything.  It allows me to feel, and touch is my favorite of the senses.
I torture it sometimes.

When I wake up in the morning, I pick out an outfit and go into the bathroom.  I take off every scrap of clothes that I wore to sleep and do a full evaluation.  I shudder at the fullness of my hips and  the lumps on my thighs.  I suck in my stomach and try to press it in with my hands.  I begin the process of putting on my clothes.  I contort and twist my body into fitting into whatever items I have picked out.  Sometimes I wear sausage-casing-esque "shapewear" in order to make the bulges look smoother.  They're fine at first, but after hours of wear, my body begs to be freed.

Once I'm dressed, I begin the process of plastering colors on my face.  Mascara, eyeliner, foundation, powder, bronzer, eye shadow, sometimes blush and lip gloss.  When I was 13 my dad noted that mascara was Spanish for mask.  I think about that sometimes.

I fill it with junk.  Or what's worse, I eat raw vegetables for about 8 hours until my withdrawal-shaken body lashes out and I then eat way too much of whatever it begs for.  Usually sugar.  Sometimes potatoes.  My body has weird cravings for potato products lately.  After I do that, I think about how weak I am.  I am filled with regret.  I drove my body to want this, but yet I look at it so disapprovingly.

This is not the peak of my body mistreatment.  In high school, hardly a day went by where I didn't skip meals.  Being hungry and then overly full seemed to be the regular.  And eating in front of people was always a struggle.  I went through a period of time where after binging, I would take laxatives in order to try and erase all the bad I just ate.  But then my body would just feel as sad as my mind did.

I don't always feed it so poorly.  But rarely do I let it move the way I should.  For most of my life exercising was admitting that my body was disgusting.  It was like saying - hey I am fat so I need to go to the gym.  Every invitation to do physical activity was perceived as a slight on my physical appearance.  And I grew to dislike it.  So, so much.

When people didn't like me, usually I blamed my body.  Let me clarify.  When boys didn't like me, I blamed my body.  I told myself that if I wore clothes that had a size with only one digit they would all like me.  That what separated me from the girls who had boys chasing them down was the number on the scale - and I hated my body all the more for it.  And that lead me to treat it worse.

At night, when I go to take a shower, I do a repeat of the morning's body check.  I stick out my belly to see how far it will go.  I get mad at my wrists and ankles and calves and shoulders and knees and thighs and cheeks for not having the decency to be small and feminine.

I'm not going to censor like I usually do and not post this.  Usually when I mention how I actually feel about my body, I am met with half-hearted attempts at telling me that I am actually beautiful and that I should own my body and that here's how I can be healthier and that my body is divine.  Sure, maybe all of those things are true.  But sometimes, its all I can do to not hate my body.  To simply just know that it is the way it is and not be mad at it.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Rolling with the Punches, Etc.

This weekend Camille-ionaire came to visit.  It was fun!  We went shopping and we attempted to get some work done and we ate yummy foods.  Come visit again soon Camille!

As a result, I got almost no homeworks done.  So much so that on Sunday night I still had practically an entire assignment due the next morning at 9 AM.  Yum!  I am terrible.  Not only did I not do it, but I kept finding every excuse not to do it, because I knew it would only take me about 2 hours of actual effort to finish.  I called home, I made soup, I took a bath, I sen an email to our property manager about some repairs that need to be done.  

And then I had done almost all of it except the last few problems, I was supposed to meet with a friend to check answers and THE UNIVERSE THREW ME A CURVEBALL. I got to my friends place, and my phone exploded.  Which is code for it would only show the LG screen and nothing else regardless of how many times I took the battery out of the back.  But I am, at this point in my life, used to the technologies failing, because I buy cheap things because I am cheap and then they break.  Plus I overuse them.  I just went home, and wrote an email and me and my friend went over everything via gchat.  gchat is the future yo!

Anywhoozzle, at 2 AM when I finally finished this hw and went to sleep, I couldn't fall asleep.  I did that thing where knowing that I have not very many hours to sleep makes me anxious and unable to sleep very well.  But right as all seemed devastation, my phone woke up like it was Sow White/Sleeping Beauty being kissed by Prince frikkin Charming.  And I still couldn't sleep, but now I had a way to wake up in the morning.  And I wake up I did, and with a raging head ache at that.  

I imagine the headache that I had to be something like being hungover.  Because the sun, it hurt my head.  The sounds of the bus squeaking, they hurt my head.  The act of standing up really quickly, it gave me a headache.  Then I remembered that dehydration causes hangover headaches, so before class I quickly drank two water bottles full of water. And the professor decided that today we would get no 5 min break to use the bathroom and when class was over I practically trampled the class to get to the bathroom.  

And then today I went home and slept.  I sleeeeeeeeept.  It was one of those naps where I woke up and suddenly everything was right in my world.  Birds were chirping, flowers were blooming, and I was eating yogurt.  

Before Napping:


My attempts to hide my lumpy parts are becoming increasingly obvious.  

My point here is:  I believe that the best days are the days that go up down and left and right.  They are the days that you remember.  They are the days where you learn what color the little rocks that make up your sand are.  And more than that, I believe in the power of a good nap to change your world.   


Monday, April 9, 2012

Ode to a Purse

I bought this purse the other day.  

I think it's actually an overnight bag - it's HUGE.

I was at the Ross cruisin and buying a pillow and trying on clothes to (mostly) not buy when I saw this bag.  And I stared a it for a good minute and a half.  It called to me. I have never had something beg to be bought like that before.  I stared and stared and stared and it was like the purse was trying to persuade me and I was thinking of all the reasons why I should not dish out $25 for this sucker.

I put it away and walked away quickly, because I knew if I looked back I would be a goner.  But the wheels of thought in my brainsicle kept turning.  Think of where you could go with that little beauty.  You could take her to the beach and she could fit your towel and spare clothes and a blanket to lie on and even lunch to eat and a textbook to study from.  And your camera.  Or you could take her to San Francisco and finally see that exhibit at SFMoMA that you've been dying to see and then after being inspired you could eat a sack lunch and wander around the city and take pictures.  And then there's so much of San Jose that you haven't seen and you could probably even make it to Sacramento because you should really visit the capital of the state you live in at some point in your college life....

The possibilities, they were endless.  The purse, she longed for travel and excitement and who was I to deny her her life dreams.  I mean, if I didn't buy her and deem her my Mary Poppins bag of never ending tricks and fun, then what would become of her?

But all of this I suppressed and I got in line and didn't buy her.  And then as I was a person away from being at the front of the line, something overcame me and I left my cart and walked over to the purses and picked her up and bought her.  It was terrible and wonderful simultaneously.  I am afraid I won't get to fully utilize her this quarter so I decided to make her my every day bag so that each time I go to school I have a chance for adventure.  And the ability to bring two meals with me.

I need a job.  

I mean, oh this purse.  She makes me look so cool.

That's a terrible photo.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gimme All Your Pageviews!

My dear friends, it is that time again.

Where all my Android users at?  Did you get Instagram today?  I sure did.  And I feel like I joined a giant cult where everyone loves it and I am like, "wait I don't get it" and they are like, "just wait you will be addicted and it will be awesome."
Instagram was really smart about it though.  I bet they've had the app ready for Android for like an entire year but they wanted  to wait it out until a time where there was not very much insta-hype for their insta-app and then all the sudden KABLAMOOOO - you are hit with a billion thousand more instagram users and they have instant-insta-hype.

So this is me copying the Insta-model of hype-business.  Just when my blog was getting boring and boring, I am creating hype to make you all like, "OMG this is the best blog that no one's heard of that I've ever heard of."  Because it's time for your thousand-page-viewerly GIVEAWAY HINT.

Do you feel the anticipation rising, my dears?  We are only a hop skip and a jump away from 10,000 pageviews!  And as the little number at the bottom of this blog gets better, the hints get better.  Except that only applies from here on out.  Ok, without further ado...

Part of the giveaway will be personalized for the winner, part will be incredible, part will be delicious, part will be silly and mayhaps partially annoying to the winner, and the big part will be kind of a universal gift.  And of course, I will not be giving anything away that I wouldn't love to have myself.  

So now that that's over, I bet you will be staying up late at night wondering what you could possibly possibly win. I've been thinking about doing some smaller prizes too so that there's not just one winner.  What do you think?

By now you should know about my almost strict every-post-should-have-a-picture rule, so here we go, the photo that was my inaugural instagram photo:

I may or may not have an obsession with this color despite the fact that it is oh so clearly out of my season.  My mother taught me that I'm a winter - but haven't the rules of fashion changed?  And also, these are pants and a glass and shoes so they are not close to my face so that makes it okay?


Sunday, April 1, 2012


Things have been awfully quiet around this blog.  I've been busy with studying for finals, taking said finals and writing a paper and then going home.

Oh, and then once I got home for spring break, within hours I had convinced my oldest sister to drive down to California with her two little children to spring break with us. or really to spring break with me while the rest of the family had to continue with their normal people lives.  

I loved having Adri home.  We went to Disneyland, we lazily watched television, we went to the targets and the thrift stores, and we bugged our little brothers.  Meanwhile her children were fed candy after candy after candy and I chased them around like a madwoman because they are so stinking cute and they grow faster than dandelions in your front yard.  Also, I may be addicted to toaster strudel.  

I got really caught up in it all.  There was so so so much noise all the time.  It was glorious, it was like growing up in my parents house again.  I was actually left home alone for a couple of hours one day with only the zoo of animals we keep and my sleeping grandmother to keep me company and the quiet was absolutely deafening.  I actually got scared by that thing that we have in or house that sporadically sprays stuff that smells good.  You know you've seen the commercials.  

I have come to learn this week though, that when it comes to little kids (they are hardly babies anymore), all bets are off for me.  I mostly mean that I will do anything for those little suckers, but I also mean that I get sick really easily around them.  I think they expose me to about 17,846,921 new germs a day which I willingly absorb in the form of wet kisses and having my nose "eaten" until I beg for it back.  Which means that today, I am le sick.    (Also possibly to blame: Disneyland).  

I feel seriously sickly.  Like I am easily weak and my body feels achy and stiff and I keep getting the chills despite the fact that I have the space heater on and I keep wrapping myself in blankets.  Swallowing feels like shoving knives down my throat, and I think I have a fever.  My point in all this complaining is that whereas three days ago I wondered what I would do when left in the lonely quiet of my school-home, now I wish I could have that sort of quiet.  

My violin-practicing housemate had been subletting his place to a seriously quiet and sweet girl and now he is le back in all his violin-practicing glory.  Meanwhile, my neighbor to the back (slash his place goes directly over my bedroom) seems to be hosting some sort of boys night which involves what I'm assuming are video games making motorcycle noises on the tv that backs up to my bedroom, and jumping up in down every few minutes in the room that is above me.  What I wouldn't give to be trapped at home with only eight fairly silent animals to keep me company.  

This post is admittedly whiny, which I don't really like to do because whining is boring to read and I just feel worse after writing it.  But I will publish this anyway because it explains the quiet of my blog which has been going on and which I think will continue to go on for a few days while I try to recover while simultaneously starting a new term in school.  This quarter system really throws you through a loop every single time.  I am possibly more negative due to the fact that I have a sinus headache.  Yummers.  

This is the part where I should throw in some cutesy photos of my week to make this end on a positive note.  Sadly I did not take any.  Weird.  

Instead, please to enjoy:

Blake Griffin at the Beach

Aladdin's Mysterious Lack of Nipples

A Photo of one of Upland High School's parking lots as found in a Google Images Search?